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T-Mobile UK announces new CEO

Richard Moat, new CEO of T-Mobile UK
Richard Moat, new CEO of T-Mobile UK
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T-Mobile has finally found a successor to Jim Hyde, the previous CEO who left the company at the end of March, in Richard Moat.

Coming from his position as CEO of Orange Romania, Moat will be taking over the UK arm of the Deutsche Telekom owned network at a time when rumours are abound that it may have to be sold or merge with another network, according to the CTO of DT.

However, T-Mobile were unsurprisingly upbeat about the appointment, stating that appointment would continue to push T-Mobile as a leading network:

"Richard has an excellent track-record as an executive with significant international experience in the field of telecommunications, and we are delighted that he will be joining us to lead T-Mobile UK," said Hamid Akhavan, CEO of T-Mobile International and member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom.

Successful foundation

"With Richard we have found a highly skilled manager who will build on the successful foundation of T-Mobile in the United Kingdom and who will further develop the company as a leading-edge, value-adding operator for the benefit of our customers and the T-Mobile Group."

Moat also added: "T-Mobile is a major player in the UK mobile market and has a strong reputation for high value products and services. It is also a leader in mobile broadband and is steadily building real differentiation in the coverage and performance of its 3G network."

Moat comes to T-Mobile having spent 17 years with rivals Orange, where he was CEO of Orange Denmark from 2002-2004 and CEO of Orange Thailand from 2000-2002. Prior to that he was Orange's International Group Director of Finance and Corporate Finance Director, based in London.

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