Sony Xperia Z is the ultimate home streaming solution

Sony Xperia Z is the ultimate home streaming solution
Connect your home to your smartphone

On top of offering the ultimate viewing experience, fantastic performance and stunning design the Sony Xperia Z also features a wealth of great connectivity options.

The Xperia Z provides you with One-touch connectivity, giving you the easiest and fastest way to wirelessly share music, photos and videos from your phone.

With the NFC technology built into the Sony Xperia Z, you can easily pair the handset to other compatible devices such as your NFC-enabled BRAVIA TV or wireless headphones.

One-touch Viewing

If you want to share the latest movie you've just downloaded on your Xperia Z with your whole family you now can, without the need for cables or even a network connection.

The Sony Xperia Z comes with one-touch mirroring, meaning it can seamlessly share content between other compatible devices.

You don't even need to have a home Wi-Fi network for the service to work and it means you can stream your movie straight to your big screen BRAVIA TV in a matter of seconds.

And it's not just movies – fancy playing a game on your TV, or how about showing off the photos you've taken with the Xperia Z's superb 13MP camera – now you can thanks to one-touch mirroring technology.

One-touch Sharing

We all know it's good to share, and luckily enough so does the Sony Xperia Z that makes transferring photos, music or other files between your phone and other devices as simple as a tap.

Touch the Xperia Z against another NFC enabled device such as a smartphone or laptop and content will instantly be beamed over.

One-touch Listening

The Sony Xperia Z all makes it simple to enjoy your favourite tunes, be it on your home audio system or with a set of headphones.

Equip yourself with a NFC enabled Hi-Fi and set of headphones and you'll be able to seamlessly switch your music from one to the other with a tap.

Say you come home from work listening to tunes on your Xperia Z via your wireless headphones, you can tap the phone on your Hi-Fi and the music will seamlessly switch to the system without missing a beat.

Total Control

That's not all though, there's on final trick up the Sony Xperia Z's sleeve and that's its ability to transform into the TV remote for your NFC-enabled Sony Bravia TV.

No longer will you have to hunt down the back of the sofa for that elusive remote, as it will be in your pocket and thanks to the one-touch mirroring credentials of the Xperia Z there's no need to worry about infra red, cables or even a home network.

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