Sony Ericsson: Xperia 2 will be very different

Sony Ericsson plans to bite back in 2009
Sony Ericsson plans to bite back in 2009

Sony Ericsson has revealed it plans to update its Xperia line with a 'very different' product, to be released in the second half of the year in the UK.

Speaking to TechRadar, Nathan Vautier, MD of UK and Ireland for Sony Ericsson said the company was looking to release a number of new products in 2009, including a new Xperia model that goes in a different direction to the X1.

"The Xperia brand is not just about Smartphones, it's about the latest and coolest thing in mobile phones. The next product will be very different to the Xperia X1, aimed at a different product segment and also enhancing the user experience."

Maintaining presence

While Sony Ericsson might be slipping in the ranking worldwide in terms of market share, it has continued with a strong presence in the UK, and will continue to release high end products in the coming months.

"We'll be announcing later in spring a number of products for later in the year from the Entertainment Unlimited family," added Vautier.

"There will be two more products [on top of the Idou] that will lean more towards motion gaming and as a way of freeing music.

No limits

Vautier also highlighted the importance of the Entertainment Unlimited category that launched with the Idou, which he said would help to offer the best in gaming, imaging and music through the Sony Ericsson brand.

Like many other members of the Open Handset Alliance, Sony Ericsson was rumoured to be bringing an Android handset to Mobile World Congress, and although none appeared, Vautier did say the platform was on the manufacturer's horizon:

"With regards to Android, there will be an announcement later in the year, with product likely to arrive early in 2010, though we will speed it up if there's any way we can!

"But it's what you do with the Android platform that counts; part of the beauty of it is the speed at which you can develop applications."

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