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Samsung Wave and Sony Ericsson X10 mini appear on Vodafone

The X10 Mini and Wave appear on Vodafone
The X10 Mini and Wave appear on Vodafone

Vodafone has announced three new smartphones to its line-up today, with the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini and the Samsung Wave joining the Galaxy S in the red ranks.

The Sony Ericsson X10 Mini, which is really tiny with dimensions of 83x50x16 mm, joins its bigger brother the Xperia X10 in the SE Android line up on Vodafone.

With a 2.5-inch screen, teeny frame and the TimeScape UI on top, it's likely to entice a few people into the Android camp, even if it is only running the creaking Donut version of the Google OS.

The X10 Mini will be followed shortly by a keyboard-wielding X10 Mini pro, which is precisely the same phone but with a QWERTY bolted on - although we're not certain this is also heading to Vodafone.

Wave - hello!

The Samsung Wave, the first phone to be running Samsung's new Bada platform, is also coming to the red network in the near future.

Using the TouchWiz interface, the new Wave features HD video recording, a 5MP camera and a Super AMOLED screen to offer a superbly crisp experience.

There's also Flash video enabled, as well as integrated Facebook and Twitter support.

We're waiting for more information on these two phones with regard to pricing - we can only hope they're not too expensive in the face of all the top end Android handsets on Vodafone.