Samsung SH100 turns your phone into a camera sidekick

The new Samsung SH100
The new Samsung SH100

The new Samsung SH100 pocket camera uses Wi-Fi connectivity to make it less about the megapixels and more about bringing the power of the internet into your snapper.

This means that you can connect to the internet to upload photos to the likes of Facebook and Picasa, or upload video to YouTube directly. This is all done over Wi-Fi, and included in the box is an account with Boingo, giving access to 200,000 Wi-Fi hotspots.

Cooler than all that uploading gubbins though: you can connect to a Wi-Fi enabled phone and use that as a remote viewfinder. This means you can set the family portrait and be in it too, without the need to run back and forth to make sure everyone's in the right place.

No need for long arms

You can even zoom in and out and activate the shutter remotely, although this does mean your smartphone is also going to be present in a majority of these pictures. At least you can use your phone's GPS (saving space and cost on the SH100) to geo-tag a photo, thus making it more relevant to the picture.

DLNA connectivity to a big screen TV or a PC is offered as well, so you can bore the life out of your daughter's boyfriend with 700 photos of you on a recent Safari trip on a much larger scale, and you can even set the PC to auto-backup content as soon as you're in Wi-Fi range.

Of course, you'll probably want to know the specs as well: we're talking a 14.2MP 1/2.33-inch CCD sensor and 720p HD video recording with up to 5x optical zoom as well.

The UK price for the Samsung SH100 has been set at £199.99, with a UK release date of March 2011 – so best hold back some of the Christmas money if you want a super-connected new compact camera.

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