Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a smartphone with a bendable OLED display

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Samsung get a little bit edgy

Samsung has announced an impressively unique smartphone at IFA 2014, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which takes advantage of the Korean company's impressive bendable OLED technology.

Taking the same 5.7-inch display found on the Samsung Galaxy Note, the new Galaxy Note Edge drapes one inch of the screen over the left-hand side of the handset.

Not only does this give the Galaxy Note Edge a strikingly attractive look, but Samsung is promising that the side part of the screen could have game-changing implications for how we interact with our smartphones.

Though the screen drapes over the side of the phone, it can be used independently, showing off media controls, messages and updates from apps such as Twitter.

Edge of reason

Samsung announced that it is working with a number of software partners to expand the functionality of the side screen when it launches.

Aside from the screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is identical to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which was announced alongside the new handset at IFA 2014.

New features for both the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 include a chassis that includes a build-in heartrate monitor and an improved S Pen stylus.

Samsung hasn't currently announced a launch date or price for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, but we're hoping that the unique screen doesn't lead to a limited run and inflated prices.

Get a better look at the curved display of the Galaxy Note Edge in our hands on video:

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