Research in Motion is no more: RIM rebrands to BlackBerry

Research in Motion is no more RIM rebrands to BlackBerry

RIM sprang a big surprise at the launch of BB10 by dropping the name its had for decades.

CEO Thorsten Heins took to the worldwide stage to announce the big change, which makes sense giving most of us call the company by the fruity moniker anyway.

"From this point onwards, RIM becomes BlackBerry. This is our promise of one brand," said Heins. "Our employees already work for BlackBerry,so from this day on we'll be known as BlackBerry."

No more RIM jokes

The move makes a lot of sense given the company no longer has the same interests it had in other areas, showing that it's focusing totally on the new BB10 platform.

BlackBerry (you don't know how hard it is for us to not correct ourselves to write that) will be pushing onto more devices in the near future, such as cars, healthcare and home devices, so having one moniker makes sense.

What do you think? Should the company lose its identity in such or a why or is it a step forward? Tell us in the comments below.