Nokia updates Lumia 920, 820 to fix camera and battery life

Say goodbye to blurry Lumia photos
Say goodbye to blurry Lumia photos

Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 owners are getting an early Xmas gift today as Nokia pushed out an update fix issues and improve efficiency of both handsets.

The update makes several enhancements, most notably fixing an issue causing the camera to take blurry photos in well-lit settings

Users will also see improved battery life efficiency and a quicker start-up sequence, along with more reliable Bluetooth connectivity and "enhancements in messaging" that include the option to decline calls via SMS.

The update arrives first for AT&T subscribers in the U.S. and Rogers users in Canada today. Everyone else gets to wait until Feb. 2013 for availability in other markets and on unlocked devices.

One update at a time

While Nokia is providing updates for its Windows Phone 8 handsets today, legacy smartphone users are still left in the lurch waiting for Windows 7.8.

The company recently confirmed that older Lumia models will not get their WP7.8 upgrade before the end of 2013, despite an early test release on Lumia 800 devices earlier in the month.

When the update does arrive it will bring many WP8 features to the older-gen Lumias, at least cosmetically, including a more customizable Live Tile layout.

In the meantime though, AT&T and Rogers subscribers can enjoy taking clearer pictures and more efficient battery with today's over the air update.