New Manta X7 smartphone has no physical buttons

New Manta X7 smartphone has no physical buttons
Look ma, no buttons!

As smartphones have developed, manufacturers have gradually shed physical keys in favour of sleek, touch-only display. The majority of today's handsets feature only a volume rocker, a power switch and sometimes a home key.

Manta, a Chinese manufacturer, is going one further with its latest device and building the forthcoming Manta X7 without any physical keys at all. Instead, the phone will sport a sensor bar on one side allowing you to use your thumb to, presumably, alter the volume on media or calls.

Alternatively, Manta could build in gesture controls such as using two fingers to raise or lower volume and brightness.

Knock knock

No details have emerged about how the phone will power on and off, but we would suspect something similar to the "Knock On" solution on the LG G2. The feature allows you to wake the phone up by tapping on the screen. We've also seen it employed in the likes of the CyanogenMod-running OnePlus One.

Like the OnePlus One, the Manta X7 will run Android, but is reported to have the manufacturer's own custom OS, named MO7os, running on top of Google's platform.

Unfortunately, no hardware details have been revealed yet, so we're not sure what kind of processing speed or display the phone will use. There's also the chance that the phone won't be released outside of Asia at any rate.

Via: Phonearena