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Motorola readying own Facebook phone

Motorola readying own Facebook phone
The Motorola EX225

Motorola looks like it's going to be the next to join the Facebook phone race with the launch of a dedicated handset.

The snappily-named Motorola EX225 has been outed over on the Bluetooth accreditation site Bluetooth SIG, and shows a simple QWERTY-keyboarded device with a little blue Facebook key in the corner.

There aren't any Android buttons on show, so Motorola has either developed its own OS to power the device, or gone with something more widespread like Qualcomm's Brew - unless the company is still working out where to place the Android keys.

More of the same

If it's anything like the Vodafone 555 Blue, which also doesn't run Android, we can expect Facebook to be part of every element of the phone from photo uploading to music sharing - and this time even a spot of 3G.

There's also a 2.4-inch screen (apparently non-touch) and is described as "a product for trendy generation who enjoy connecting to the world anytime, anywhere". Hyper-rad.

Another odd element: the phone will apparently come in a non-Facebook version, which helps us understand what Motorola is intending with this phone: a low-cost handset to service the rapidly-growing developing nations market that has an insatiable thirst for Facebook but limited access to the internet.

If it's passing through Bluetooth SIG now, we can probably expect the phone to land before Christmas, and our money's on this being at the cheaper end of the spectrum.