Mobile phone number discontinued after users keep dying

Probably best to stay with that random group of digits...

A mobile phone number has been suspended after the three people it was allocated to have all died.

The number 0888 888 888 was first issued to the CEO of Mobitel - Vladimir Grashnov - in Bulgaria.

He died of cancer in 2001, although The Telegraph says there are rumours he was poisoned by a business rival.

Number of doom

The number went to Konstantin Dimitrov, a man suspected of owning a massive drug smuggling empire, was gunned down in 2003 when out eating with his girlfriend, allegedly by Russian mafia.

The number then went to estate agent Konstantin Dishliev, who ran a £130 million drug trafficking operation that was intercepted just before his death in 2005.

Like Dimitrov, he was also shot whilst dining out, this time in Sofia - and after that the number was left dormant. Presumably because assassins were able to phone and ask where their target was?

Even so, when your numbers up...

Via The Telegraph