7 top tips for mobile blogging

If you're posting holiday snaps from abroad, beware the demon roaming charges - posting data can have prohibitive costs.

Be a part of the moblogosphere - drop into other people's moblogs, make comments and invite them to your own.

6. Moblog services/providers

Probably the biggest, and quite possibly one of the best specialist moblogging services in the UK.
Website: http://moblog.co.uk
Price: Free for a basic account. Subscriber accounts cost £5/month to £55/year (for which you get bigger, better pictures and more features, basically).

Nokia Lifeblog
Download the app to your mobile or PC for managing, editing and posting entries to moblogs (hosted on Typepad).
Website: www.nokia.com/lifeblog
Price: Free

Probably the web's most famous picture gallery. Lots of features like slideshows, voting and sharing.
Price: Free

Kodak EasyShare Gallery
The photo giant hosts online galleries and offers photo downloading for mobiles as well as a printing service.
Price: Photo galleries are free, but downloads are charged at standard rates and the printing services cost extra.

This online photo upload service is a quick and easy way to get pics from your mobile onto the web with captions. You can download the app direct to your Symbian, Java or Windows Mobile-enabled phone.
Price: Free

Aimed more at professional media types than the fun end of the moblog scene, Typepad offers advanced blogging services linked to Nokia's Lifeblog. The software works on Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.
Price: £2.59-£7.59/month

This huge blogging provider includes voice messages and voice-to-text updating from mobiles (on paid accounts only).
Price: Free accounts can manage blog posts/replies by SMS/ voice on mobile. Paid accounts can also upload via mobile email or text (£19.95 a year).

Used by Sony Ericsson's Photo Blogging service in the UK, but you don't need an SE phone to use it. The Blogger Mobile service lets you send text from phone to your moblog. You don't even need to open an account, just send a pic and text to go.blogger.com and it will open a moblog for you automatically.
Price: Free

This feature-heavy free service includes goodies like a comment spam catcher, well-defined categories and password-protected posts.
Website: www.wordpress.com
Price: Free

7. Moblogging phones

Sony Ericsson K810i
This svelte little snapper features a 3.2-megapixel camera with flash and BestPic (automatically takes pics after and before you press the shutter, so you're assured of a good pic). It's got 3G access and Blogger software is already loaded - all you have to do to start a moblog is take a picture and send it.

Nokia N95
Five mighty megapixels on this camera plus a Carl Zeiss lens and flash, so the only excuse for crap photos is you. It also has high-speed HSDPA 3G internet access plus Wi-Fi and Lifeblog's already onboard. It's a do-everything smartphone, but it is a bit on the chunky side.

BlackBerry Curve
The latest BlackBerry has a full Qwerty keyboard (great for longer text entries) and a 2-megapixel camera onboard. You'll need to download a Java-based moblog app though.

Samsung U600
This sleek slider has a magnificently large screen and a 3.2-megapixel camera with flash and a nifty onboard photo editor. No 3G connection, but GPRS is quick enough for pics and text.

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