Microsoft to add NFC to Windows Phone smartphones

Interest in NFC technology is rising
Interest in NFC technology is rising

Microsoft has teased that it is to add NFC compatibility to a future version of its Windows Phone software.

Google has already added NFC to Android 2.3 and it looks like Microsoft is following a similar route with its smartphone portfolio.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft will be looking to put the technology – which allows you to make payments with your phone – into the chassis specification for its upcoming Windows Phone handsets.

Nokia has already announced that NFC will be in its Symbian handsets this year and Motorola exclusively told TechRadar that it is looking to add the tech to its handsets, even though there is a premium that goes with the implementation of NFC.

Samsung has followed suit with the Galaxy S2 and the Wave 578, and has already offered NFC support for its Bada smartphones.

NFC implementation

There is something of a buzz around NFC technology at the moment. Alongside Microsoft, MasterCard has said it has teamed with digital security firm Gemalto so it can add NFC to SIM cards – the cards are set to be called MasterCard PayPass SIM card.

The introduction of NFC into Windows Phone handsets is likely to come in a software update later in the year.

Microsoft is currently rolling out its latest update. Called NoDo, it adds features like cut and paste to Windows Phone 7.

Via Business Week

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