Microsoft's Siri-rival Cortana appears on video and she wants to get to know you

Microsoft's Siri-rival Cortana appears in video and she wants to get to know you
In the Halo series, Cortana was a learning AI character

Microsoft's Siri-like personal assistant app 'Cortana' is perhaps the most anticipated upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 feature. Lucky for you, here it is in its first public appearance in a detailed video clip.

UnleashThePhones has posted a two-minute demonstration of the app, which will also be Microsoft's answer to Android's excellent Google Now is shown promising to 'make your life a little easier.'

Upon opening the app users will apparently be required to input a Microsoft account before Cortana - named after a character from the Halo game series - seeks to discover more about its owner.

Users will be asked to choose a nickname, input data about how they like to spend their evenings, what their food preferences are as well as favourite activities and topics they'd like to stay updated on.

If you Build it...

Once the set-up is completed, Cortana will ask users how it can be of assistance, giving Windows Phone fans the opportunity to ask questions, request playlists, set alarms and more.

It seems the app will be accessed from a Start screen Live Tile, but will also be available by pressing the soft Bing search key beneath the touchscreen.

That's enough from us; you can take a peek at Cortana yourself in the video below, although we're sorry to say her voice hasn't been revealed just yet.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 update is due to arrive next month at the company's Build conference. It has already revealed Facebook Messenger and dual-sim functionality will join the party.

The company is also thought to be adding a Swype-like keyboard as well as fingerprint scanning tech.

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