Is HTC's Desire more wanted than the iPhone?

HTC's latest Android offerings - the Desire, the Legend and the Google branded Nexus One

HTC's Desire was announced at Mobile World Congress and immediately got the TechRadar office buzzing.

'Was this,' we asked, 'the phone that has finally made us want to leave our iPhones behind and move onto the wildly promising Android platform?'

"We're mightily impressed with the HTC Desire, and can see that this is going to be a real iPhone contender in 2010, no matter what Steve Jobs brings out later this year," said Phone Editor Gareth Beavis in his Hands on: HTC Desire review.


But what do you think? Has HTC finally cracked it with a phone that takes much of the best bits of the (HTC-made) Google Nexus One but adds in the widely admired Sense UI?

Or will Apple's likely summer arrival immediately wrest back the impetus when its announced?

Over to you…