Google says blogging is dead

Google's Blogger is one of the most popular blog creation sites

Blogging about your personal life may soon seem as quaint as not actually blogging at all. Instead twittering on your mobile is about to take over - or so says Google 's Blogger product manager Eric Case.

"Blogs that tend to get a lot of press are the ones that draw a lot of traffic and get people fired up, but that is a very small, narrow, niche-use case," Case told Business Week . "This thing we understood as blogging is vanishing and it is reframing as people develop new ways of posting and sharing things."

The shift, according to the Business Week article, is partly because of the sheer number of blogs out there for us to read - 15.5 million according to Blog logging service Technorati . It's also true that bloggers are becoming more worried about their personal security. It's common for bloggers, especially women, to receive threats online.

Taking blogging's place is twittering. This is a kind of instant message that tells your friends and family what you're up to at any given moment - "I'm in the shops," "I'm down the pub" etc. The parent site of twittering is, of course, Twitter .

Twittering is ideally suited for mobile phone use, says Business Week. This is because it enables us to share personal details with a select few friends rather than blogging to the world at large.