coming to the HTC Desire?

HTC Desire - no longer Sense(.com)less?
HTC Desire - no longer Sense(.com)less?

HTC has hinted that its cloud-based service may be made available to older handsets in the near future, with the original HTC Desire looking likely to get the functionality.

A TechRadar reader kindly gave us a tip-off that HTC had contacted him about the service.

While the phone company couldn't confirm if the HTC Desire was compatible with, it did reveal that more details should arrive 'by the end of the year'.

While we knew HTC was looking at porting the service to other compatible devices, it's the first time we have heard of any sort of timeframe.

Makes Sense was announced back in September and it is currently only available on the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z handsets.

If you have these phones then you can log on to to lock your handset if you have lost it, track its location and even take it off mute so you can hear its ringtone.

The service is completely free and also allows you other synching options.

The rather cryptic message our reader got from HTC was as follows: "At this time we are unable to confirm when the Desire will be compatible with

"We hope to make this available before the end of the year."

We have contacted HTC to see if there is any official information/confirmation on this.

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