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HTC will replace your One M9 for free if you really screw it up

HTC One M9

We've probably all been there - your phone fell in the toilet as you pulled your trousers up, or tumbled to the pavement and cracked like a spiderweb.

HTC has announced a new program, dubbed "Uh Oh," that will cut you a break the next time that happens.

The Taiwanese company will replace your HTC One M9 overnight - for free - the next time it suffers catastrophic water or fall damage, as long as it's within 12 months of purchase.

Everyone who buys the new HTC flagship when it becomes available is signed up for an Uh Oh plan automatically, and if you don't cash it in that first year you get a $100 (about £68, AU$130) credit toward a future HTC phone.

HTC may be the first smartphone maker to cater specifically to the clumsy among its user base, and it's a welcome shift - we need all the help we can get.