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HTC opens up Zoe app to rival Android phones

HTC opens up Zoe app to the whole of Android
Zoe, short for zoetrope, incase you were wondering

We knew it was on its way, and now HTC has confirmed that the beta version of its Zoe app is now available on Google Play for a selection of rival Android handsets running KitKat.

Previously reserved for select HTC smartphones, the Taiwanese firm has decided to share the love, allowing Android owners to create their own video stories by combining photos and videos and sharing them easily with others via various social channels.

The Zoe functionality first arrived with the HTC One, but the service has developed since then with HTC streamlining the UI and adding more themes and music for you to play with.

Only the start

This is just the start for HTC though, as reports claim the firm has a 260-people-strong unit called HTC Creative Labs, which is working to develop apps for other Android phones.

If you fancy making your own Zoe highlights video then head over to Google Play and download the free Zoe (Beta) app. The app is expected to come out of beta later this year, with version 1.0 scheduled for "the fall."

Currently though you'll need one of the following handsets to use the Zoe (Beta) application; Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, LG G2, G3 or any of the HTC One Android 4.4 range.