HTC One to get Android 4.3 soon

Updates ahoy for the HTC One

HTC's flagship smartphone, the HTC One, will soon be brought bang up to date with the addition of Android 4.3.

That's come straight from the mouth of Jason Mackenzie, President of HTC America, who announced via Twitter that the update will be pushed to HTC One Developer Edition owners this week.

That's largely just confirming what we already knew, as he'd previously stated that it should arrive with Dev Edition owners by the end of September.

However this time he went one better and said that Canadian customers with a standard HTC One should have the update by the end of the month.

Mackenzie also stated that Android 4.3 for HTC One comes with 'the latest Sense experience', so expect changes beyond those found in stock Android, though what exactly that will entail has yet to be revealed.

Date unknown

He went on to say that HTC was working hard to get the update certified with US networks, but unfortunately there's no word on when Android 4.3 will make its way to HTC One handsets in Europe.

We've had a word with HTC to see if they have any word on a potential timeframe but are yet to hear back. Fear not though, as we'll update you as soon as we hear anything.

Update: A HTC spokesperson has told TechRadar: "The 4.3 update for the HTC One in the UK & Europe is definitely in progress, but I don't have a specific timeframe yet.

"There are a lot of different variables involved with software updates, especially around testing and carrier certification, but rest assured it's coming soon."

There are also reports that the Android 4.3 update has started hitting One handsets in HTC's native Taiwan, so wheels are certainly in motion.

At this rate Android 4.4 KitKat will be out by the time the HTC One gets Android 4.3, if the October release date rumours are to be believed. Still, it's better late than never and if it does come with some juicy new Sense features it should be worth the wait.

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