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HTC Legend unveiled with top-end Android specs

HTC adds the Legend to its collection
HTC adds the Legend to its collection

HTC has finally unveiled a new phone to follow up the success of the Hero - the HTC Legend.

Although the company protests otherwise, claiming the Hero set a 'successful baseline for our other Android handsets to follow', the design is similar with a 3.2-inch screen and protruding lip at the bottom of the device.

Hewn from a single block of aluminium, the HTC Legend looks more like a shrunken Macbook, dispensing with the Teflon coating for something a little more stylish.

It's rocking the latest version of Android - 2.1 - meaning living wallpapers and integrated social networking via Friendstream - a new way of seeing all your Twitter, Facebook and Flickr feeds in one place.


While the 3.2-inch screen size has remained the same, the overall dimensions of the HTC Legend are smaller than the Hero thanks to being built from one piece of metal.

The multi-touch screen has also been upgraded - although it's still HVGA, there's an OLED in there now, meaning sumptuous colours and deep blacks.

A 5MP camera is once again present on the device, as is a 3.5mm headphone jack - although this time there's a single LED flash to help take pictures in the darkest night.


The trackball has been scrubbed out in favour of an optical device - this apparently means a sleeker chassis and fewer hardware failures, following the same road as RIM with its BlackBerry family.

It's been given a tentative UK release date for the end of March, and while no UK price has been announced, it's rumoured to be coming to O2 soon.