Honor 8 comes to UK with disappointingly high price

Honor 8

Honor has launched its brand new flagship phone in the UK - but you may be disappointed when you see the price.

The Honor 8 comes with high-end specs including a powerful Kirin 950 octa-core chipset – created by parent company Huawei – 4GB of RAM, 32GB of onboard storage, 3,000mAh battery and microSD card support up to 128GB.

There's a 5.2-inch Full HD display, offering the same 424 pixels-per-inch as the Honor 7, and an 8MP selfie sensor on the front.

No longer budget

Honor has also included the same dual-camera technology we saw on the Huawei P9 in its new phone, but the set-up is not branded with Leica this time. Whether that will have an impact on how the camera works is currently unclear.

The Honor 8 comes with two 12MP sensors on the rear of the phone - one of the sensors is RBG for colour, while the other is monochrome and allows the camera to capture more detail as well as absorb over three times the light of the average phone camera.

The Honor 8 also has fast-charging tech, a fingerprint scanner and is the first phone from the brand to boast a USB-C connection.

Honor 8

Although the Honor 8 isn't all that different in terms of spec to last year's £250 Honor 7, it's quite a bit more expensive at £369.99.

It's still cheaper than the flagship Huawei P9, but if you buy the Honor 8 you're not going to get such a premium design: instead of a full-metal body it's slippery glass on the rear here.

If you want to pick up an Honor 8 you'll be able to buy it directly from Honor's VMall store with the choice of white, blue or black in the coming weeks. But, if you buy from Amazon, you'll get a free Fire TV Stick with the purchase.

Three will also be stocking the Honor 8 in blue and black from September 9, but pricing details aren't yet available.

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