Hands on: LG Optimus 3D Max review

LG optimus 3d max

Another new feature which the Optimus 3D Max offers is the Range Finder app. It users the dual camera technology on the back of the handset to calculate the distance between the handset and an object you select in the viewfinder.

The application also allows you to select two objects on screen and the Optimus 3D Max will calculate the distance between them. Certainly a cool feature, but we're not sure how often we would use it other than to show off to our friends.

There is a 3D app convertor on board allowing you to transform any 2D application into 3D. We tried this out with the classic Angry Birds and while the feeling of depth was conveyed within the app, don't expect those pigs to come tumbling out the screen towards you.

The Optimus 3D Max is a step in the right direction for 3D capable phones, but it really needs that Ice Cream Sandwich update to challenge in the market. Look our for our full LG Optimus 3D Max review where we'll give you a full run down on all the features.