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BlackBerry Q10 hits Carphone Warehouse pre-order with £600 price tag

BlackBerry Q10 hits Carphone Warehouse pre-order with £600 price tag
Worth every penny?

Carphone Warehouse has opened its BlackBerry Q10 pre-orders today, and if you want the QWERTY-toting BlackBerry Q10 without a contract deal, it'll set you back an eye-watering £600.

That's a whole lot of cash to drop on a BlackBerry handset - and a whole £70 more than Unlocked-Mobiles is selling it for.

If the idea of handing over £600 is making you feel a bit queasy but you simply must have that QWERTY and it must come from Carphone Warehouse, you'll also be able to get the handset for free from £36 a month on a two-year contract.


Deals will vary depending on whether you opt for O2, Orange, T-Mobile, EE and TalkMobile, and since the Q10 is 4G-friendly, you may want to shell out more for the faster connection.

You can pre-order the thing from Carphone today and the BlackBerry Q10 UK release date is set for the end of April - CW hasn't said exactly when but Unlocked-Mobiles expects stock on April 26.

At that point you'll take delivery of your BlackBerry-10-toting handset with the lovely BlackBerry keyboard under a 3.1-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen with NFC, 2GB of RAM and an 8MP camera as standard.