BlackBerry push email challenge

Emoze can deliver push email to any phone with a built in email client

Emoze , the free alternative to BlackBerry push email, is expanding its mobile offering with support for Gmail push email for regular mobiles that have email clients onboard.

Emoze is also aiming at boosting its share of the BlackBerry-dominated push email market with a UK network operator tie-up and an Emoze corporate email offering. It claims the latter is far cheaper than the BlackBerry option.

Emoze is set to introduce Gmail support for its personal push email service over the next 2 weeks. The Emoze push email and PIM data service delivers secure push email from personal or corporate accounts to a user's mobile phone almost instantly. And - unlike BlackBerry devices - it can work on practically all mobile phones that feature an email client with no need for additional software.

Anyone can register for the Emoze service free of charge, and either use software downloaded to their own PC to push email, or using Emoze's central server option.

Symbian and Windows Mobile smartphones

The secure email service works on a range of Symbian and Windows Mobile smartphones as well as practically any feature phone with an onboard email client. The push email service appears like your regular mobile email. But it delivers near instant emails as they arrive in your webmail or desktop email inbox.

Emoze CEO Benny Ballin also revealed to that Emoze will soon be offering its push email service through a leading UK mobile operator. It will be embedded in a full range of the (yet unnamed) operator's new devices, so you can get push email to your standard mobiles straight out the box.

Emoze's corporate email solution will be available by the end of this year, offering enterprise customers an additional suite of applications for managing mobile email and PIM synchronisation devices.