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After some altering, it looks like T-Mobile's Nexus 4 won't support Wi-Fi calls

Google Nexus 4
Will the Nexus 4 support Wi-Fi calling? Probably not

T-Mobile's version of the Google Nexus 4 has stirred up its own amount of intrigue ever since early November reports indicated the device wouldn't support Wi-Fi calling.

A report that surfaced Monday shed some doubt on that declaration, though a subsequent check appears to back the initial no Wi-Fi thinking.

Claims that the Nexus 4 would indeed support Wi-Fi looked to come straight from T-Mobile's support website, where Android news source TalkAndroid seemed to have spotted some crucial details.

According to TalkAndroid, T-Mobile's site revealed that the Nexus 4 would support Wi-Fi calling as long as customers were willing to acquire a special GBA SIM card and "register a 9-1-1 address."

The only problem with this claim is that the T-Mobile support site doesn't actually carry that information. Not anymore, at least.

Did T-Mobile mess up?

A quick search on the T-Mobile support page reveals that Wi-Fi calling is actually not supported on the Nexus 4.

The page reads simply, "We're sorry, but this feature is not available on this device," under the heading "Wi-Fi Calling - Not supported."

But a glance at the page's byline reveals that it was modified on Nov. 12 at 10:33 a.m.

TechRadar reached out to T-Mobile for comment, and a spokesperson for the carrier confirmed that though TalkAndroid has yet to update its article, the support page in question was indeed altered to reflect the more accurate information - that the Nexus 4 will not support Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile.

Digging around

The Google Nexus 4 will be made by LG for Google, but Wi-Fi calling apps are normally specific to each carrier.

However, at this time it seems clear that the Nexus 4 will not support the feature on T-Mobile.

T-Mobile first brought Wi-Fi calls to Android devices in October 2010, though the function was already available on BlackBerry and Nokia devices.

Via TalkAndroid