7digital fills Blackberry's mobile music void

7digital store - now available on BlackBerry handsets
7digital store - now available on BlackBerry handsets

7digital has announced that its MP3 Music Store for BlackBerry users is officially open.

While the store had an ultra-soft preview launch last week, all BlackBerry users can now download the app from www.7digital.com/bb which will pretty much give them all the functionality of the 7digital website in an easy-to-digest mobile form.

Filling a gap

Speaking at the launch of the app, Ben Dury, CEO of 7digital, said that BlackBerry's smartphone handsets were ideal for the app as "the modern generation of handsets, the Bold etc, are very good for music. They have great sound, a 3.5mm jack and are perfect devices to consume music on."

He also noted that: "the demographic who use a BlackBerry want music. While Nokia has Comes With Music and Apple has iTunes, BlackBerry was missing a music service – we are filling that gap."

Instant play

The app is also a fully featured music playing service as well as a download store. You can search for albums to downloads, as well as rake through the tracks you've bought.

7digital has also made sure that you can instantly listen to the tracks you've purchased, by creating a lower bit-rate form (60Kbps). This also means you can download tracks quickly and efficiently on non-3G connections, such as GPRS and Edge.

Once you hit a Wi-Fi zone, this low bit-rate track is magically replaced by a 320Kbps MP3.

The app also makes use of BlackBerry's Bluetooth streaming, so you can essentially use your phone as an iPod, and stream the music on it to a Bluetooth-capable hi-fi, computer or even car stereo – if the stereo in your car is that advanced.

App world

The new app has been created in collaboration with DevelopIQ, who used 7digital's API to develop the mobile music store.

While the app isn't compatible with all BlackBerrys, if you have a current generation one you will be fine, with the Bold, Curve 8900 and 8529, Tour and Storm all catered for.

Pricing for tracks are in-line with 7digitals online store, so expect to pay from 79p for the latest music.

Go to www.blackberry.com/appworld for more information.

Marc Chacksfield

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