10 things Google should change for Android 2.2

Android payment options

6. Jazzier default music player

The default Android music player is a pretty bland, generic affair. It works, it's fine, but it's not the prettiest of things and could do with some developer attention and a 2010 makeover.

A better organised file browsing system along with the option to switch the phone to a music player mode, enabling people to scan through songs with the trackball or by pressing some other buttons, would be great - if only to help sell Android to the mainstream crowd. And an official Google file-syncing service would be handy, too, for listening to our favourite MP3s while out and about.

7. Install apps to SD card

A bit of a boring one, but this is the number one request from the power users. Android apps are mostly rather small affairs and don't consume that much memory, but some of the fancier games do consume a large chunk of memory - and being able to hide these away on the SD card would be very useful. People just want the choice, that's all.

8. Advanced Notifications tab

We tend to use the Notifications area as a phone maintenance 'To Do List', putting off tiresome app updates until we're bored enough. So it'd be great if we would dismiss individual Notifications one at a time rather than only being able to clear the whole list, leaving only the few important-sounding Notifications we need to 'action' later. We do occasionally have other things to do than fuss over our phones, making sure everything's up-to date, you know, Google.

Android notifications

9. USB/Bluetooth keyboard support

A USB keyboard would presumably be a little tricky to implement what with its power needs, but the new Bluetooth HID (Human Interface Device) Profile would let Android easily connect to a Bluetooth keyboard. iPhone already supports this feature, so enabling it on Android 2.2 would carry on annoying Steve Jobs - which is the most important thing of all.

10. Offline Maps caching

The mobile networks seem to be taking a hardline approach to data transfer at the moment, rendering use of our always-on smartphones something of a minefield of excess fees and charges.

So if we could cache up all our map data via Wi-Fi before setting off into the world it'd be lovely. The networks would be happier - and we wouldn't have to worry about getting monstrous data bills at the end of the month for daring to use our phone's features. A 'Favourite Maps' option, something like that. That's all we're asking for.