Forget credit cards, Facebook Messenger might be the new way to pay

Facebook Messenger

It looks like Facebook is working on a bunch of new features for its Messenger app, including the ability to pay for things in-store right through the app.

While Messenger already lets you send money to friends, source code dug up by The Information shows evidence of a new mobile payment feature that can authorize credit card transactions in retail stores.

Details of how the feature will work remains a mystery for now. Facebook could be planning to partner with already established mobile payment solutions, like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and others, or set up its own system.

Of course, you could just use one of the already established options instead of what Facebook is cooking up. Messenger may not do anything differently than its competitors, which you may already have set up.

Beefing up Messenger

Facebook's iOS source code also reveals it's working on other features for Messenger, including what is referred to as a "secret conversations" tool.

Again, it's unknown what this feature will entail, but it could mean encrypted chats or even threads that don't save in your history.

There are also references to syncing and adding items to calendars, sharing updates to a select group of friends and also sharing quotes from articles.

Since all these features have only been mentioned in the source code of the Messenger app, it may be that Facebook is only testing them for now. It could be months before they are officially announced, and only if the company decides on releasing them.

One thing is clear, though: Facebook doesn't want you leaving the Messenger app, not even to buy things IRL.