4G is a curse on operators, warns Korea's biggest mobile network

4G is a curse on operators warns Korea s biggest mobile network

In the wake of last week's UK 4G auction, the head of South Korea's largest mobile network has warned that 4G could bring more problems to UK networks than it solves.

Talking to Reuters, Suk-Chae Lee, head of KT Corp said: "Our European colleagues complain that the explosion in data has not fully happened for them, that it did not come to reality.

"In Korea, they are data crazy. But the issue we have is that they are not willing to pay enough. So, the fundamental problem is, can we make any money out of it?"

The curse of 4G

There's an imbalance between demand for data and the value consumers place on it, lamented Lee: "LTE is very beneficial to the people but still the big question remains: can we go on? It is a blessing to customers but it is a curse on the operators."

Having spent a total of £2.3bn on 4G spectrum allocations, the UK's mobile networks could end up with a case of buyer's remorse if South Korea's problems are repeated.

Via Reuters