Oppo Find X6 Pro could take on Samsung and Apple with a huge camera sensor

Oppo Find X5 Pro
Oppo Find X5 Pro camera teardown (Image credit: Oppo)

Mobile camera sensors seem to be getting bigger with every passing year, and Oppo’s upcoming Find X6 Pro smartphone looks set to continue the trend and then some. 

According to Twitter leakster Ice Universe, the Oppo Find X6 Pro – which is expected to debut alongside two lower-key variants in early 2023 – will arrive packing a one-inch rear camera sensor akin to that used by the Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

There’s been no further word on how said sensor might be arranged on the phone, but existing leaks have suggested that the Find X6 Pro will sport the same three-camera setup (primary, ultrawide and telephoto) as its predecessor, the Oppo Find X5 Pro.

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Put simply, this is great news for camera aficionados. The Find X5 Pro already ranks as one of the world’s best handsets for photography, so slapping an even bigger sensor on its successor could make the Find X6 Pro one of the best phones of 2023.

Our main (and really, only) gripe with the Find X5 Pro remains its poor zoom performance – it just doesn’t compare to the level offered by rival phones such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Huawei P50 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. However, rumors of a 50MP telephoto lens on its replacement could ensure the new phone isn't subject to the same criticism. 

Oppo Find X5 Pro

The camera setup on the Oppo Find X5 Pro (Image credit: Future)

The standard Oppo Find X6, meanwhile, looks set to boast the same 50MP main and ultrawide cameras as its premium sibling, alongside a slightly smaller 32MP telephoto unit.

Though it’s easy to criticize mobile manufacturers for increasing the size and number of cameras on their handsets for the sake of, well, size and numbers, doing so is important for brands such as Oppo. 

While consumers – in the US, UK and Australia, at least – may regularly opt for new Samsung or Apple smartphones owing to their familiarity or the convenience of their respective ecosystems, the Chinese phone brands must necessarily go big on cameras, displays and other distinguishing features to make their presence known. 

And it's not as if the likes of Samsung are standing still in this regard, either; for instance, the Galaxy S23 has been tipped to come with a 200MP camera. For Oppo to drag people away from their existing phones, it will clearly need to give its products some bold design features in order to stand out. 

A one-inch camera sensor would help the Find X6 Pro do just that – and we’re excited (read: hoping) to see Oppo officially lift the lid on its X6 series in the new year.

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