Stephen Fry in anti-Vista swear-a-thon

Stephen Fry lets loose a vitriolic, swear-ey attack on Microsoft's Vista OS

Stephen Fry doesn't much care for PCs, with Britain's favourite Mac-obsessive having issued a remarkably scathing and swear-ey attack on his Twitter feed.

One particularly funny Fry Tweet reads: "I hate Vista so much I want to cry. Bought a Vaio. The most useless $4k ever spent."

Why would Fry consider buying a PC if he hates them so much? Apparently he needs one to "review things".

It seems that Fry was given some PC software to write about for the Guardian, except he has no PC to put it on.

Here's his initial reaction when someone thought he needed a Mac instead:

"I have nine macs!!!!!! I don't need another f**king mac. I just want ONE ARSING PC that isn't complete SHIT"

Then, a few minutes later: "Too late. It's going out the window. I can't put up with this sort of arse."

Followed by: "Listen, I have parallels, I have fusion, I have 2 distros of Linux. I need just one, just 1 of c**ting Vista so that I can review things."

Finally, Fry apologises for his "intemperate language", adding, "but every time I buy a PC they're worse, not better than they were before and it make me so angry I could kill."

Knows what he likes, that chap...