OnePlus just confirmed plenty of OnePlus 8 specs, like its top-end processor

The OnePlus 7T Pro (Image credit: Future)

For a while now OnePlus has been teasing pieces of information for the upcoming OnePlus 8, from its 120Hz screen refresh rate to its possible wireless charging, and the company just outright confirmed a few specs for the phone.

On the OnePlus forums, company CEO Pete Lau went into a deep dive on some of the more technical aspects for the phone, but we'll translate the copious acronyms.

The highlight here, though, is official confirmation of what we'd already assumed: the OnePlus 8 phones will use the Snapdragon 865 chipset, the most top-end processor available right now, which is also seen in the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Xiaomi Mi 10 phones, among others.

This ensures the OnePlus 8 range will have snappy processing power, perfect for gaming, image editing and more, and also that these will be 5G phones. This chipset also increases efficiency, with Lau saying the OnePlus 8 will be 25% more energy-efficient than previous handsets from the range. 

Another fact detailed by Lau is that the phones will have LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 flash storage, cutting-edge ways of the phone reading and writing memory, which are supposedly quicker and more power-efficient than the tech in previous phones. 

The effect this might have on you is that apps and files can load noticeably faster, and AI (in the camera app) will be snappier too. This will be useful for certain types of users, like heavy gamers, or photo and video-shooting fans who'll want to jump between capture and editing apps on the fly.

The OnePlus 8 phones, then, are shaping up to have great processing power, and it makes sense that Lau would want to boast about this fact. For more details on the phones, the official OnePlus 8 launch event is on April 14, and TechRadar will be covering it in full, so stay tuned for that.

Tom Bedford

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