Nvidia RTX 2060 5GB graphics card listed in leaked benchmark

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060

Nvidia’s big GeForce Gaming Celebration is just around the corner on August 20th and it looks like its going to be a whopper of an event as yet another graphics card has been revealed.

Wccftech picked up on a 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark supposedly completed by the Nvidia GTX 2060 5GB. What’s more, the score was an impressive 15,894 points, which beats the Nvidia GTX 1070 that achieved a score of 15,721 points in our testing.

The benchmark score isn’t outside the realm of reality, as we’ve come to expect generational leaps from Nvidia. The previous Nvidia essentially promised GTX 980 performance for less when it originally announced the GTX 1060 after all.

Nvidia GTX 2060

A new hierarchy

What does seem odd is this report alleges that the Nvidia GTX 2060 will come with 5GB of video memory, were as the past xx60 cards came in 3GB and 6GB variants. But perhaps the enhanced speed of GDDR6 video memory will make up for the missing gigabyte of RAM on top-end Nvidia GTX 2060 cards.

Still the legitimacy of this benchmark score is very questionable. The only thing that identifies the GPU as being an Nvidia GTX 2060 is the users manually inputting the name into the description. Otherwise, 3DMark did not recognize the GPU at all and there are no specs to describe what component was actually tested.

For all we know, the user could have just plugged in a Nvidia GTX 1070 and spoofed the score – and of course there’s always Photoshop.

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