Nvidia GeForce Now is coming to Samsung TVs (and more LG sets too)

Nvidia GeForce Now running on multiple devices including a Samsung TV
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia has announced that GeForce Now will be coming to Samsung smart TVs in the near future, as well as making a few other revelations at CES 2022.

Team Green said it was busy working with Samsung to add its streaming service to the Samsung Gaming Hub, allowing GeForce Now users to experience it directly on their Samsung smart TV – much like LG TV owners already do.

Nvidia reminded us that in November 2021, the GeForce Now app came to LG webOS-powered TVs in beta form (albeit ‘fully functional’) – at least for some models from 2021 – and that the streaming service will arrive on Samsung TVs in Q2 of 2022 (so maybe as early as April).

The company didn’t elaborate further, but added that more details will be shared later this year, while observing that updates will be forthcoming for more LG TV sets as well (including 2022 models, as you might expect).

Nvidia also announced that another two EA games have arrived on GeForce Now, namely Battlefield 4: Premium Edition and Battlefield V: Definitive Edition (you can play either Steam or Origin versions in both cases).

Oh, and in case you missed it, another announcement from Nvidia’s virtual keynote at CES was that AT&T subscribers in the US can now benefit from six months of Nvidia GeForce Now for free (existing and new 5G customers).

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Up until now, LG had a major advantage on the game streaming front, being the only TV maker to have GeForce Now available to owners of its sets. That ends soon enough, though – maybe in just three months’ time – with Nvidia’s service coming to Samsung TVs. Of course, it’ll come to more LG models as well, so everyone’s a winner really.

Presumably GeForce Now will debut on the Samsung Gaming Hub in beta form, as with the LG rollout. And maybe at that point, we’ll see the LG app progress from beta, staying a little ahead of its rival in that respect perhaps.

It’s also interesting to see more EA games come into the Nvidia streaming fold, with another pair of offerings from the Battlefield franchise (which join Battlefield 1 Revolution in Team Green’s library of supported titles).

In fact, these two new titles join four other EA games which were added in October 2021, hopefully pointing the way to more products from this big-name publisher getting support in the near future – fingers crossed anyway. Before October of last year, only Apex Legends was available via GeForce Now.

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