Nvidia boosts virtual GPU support to help home workers

(Image credit: Nvidia)

The pandemic has changed the way organizations operate and many workers will continue to work from home once their coworkers began returning to the office which is why Nvidia has released a new version of its virtual GPU software, vGPU.

The latest version of vGPU adds support for more workloads and also includes features that improve operational efficiencies for IT admins.

GPU virtualization providers workers from designers to data scientists with a flexible way to collaborate on projects which require advanced graphics and computing power without the need for their organizations to outfit everyone with their own workstation

The market intelligence firm IDC recently interviewed Nvidia customers using GPU-accelerated virtual desktops and found that organizations with 500 to 1,000 users experienced a 13 percent increase in productivity.

Nvidia vGPU

Nvidia has expanded hypervisor support by partnering with SUSE on its Linux Enterprise Server and vGPU support is now available on its kernel-based virtual machine platform.

Nvidia vComputeServer software will support initial offerings and enable GPU virtualization for AI and data science workloads. This will help expand hypervisor platform options for enterprises as well as cloud service providers that are seeing an increased need to support GPUs.

Collaboration in VR is also getting a boost as Nvidia CloudXR technology uses Nvidia RTX and vGPU software to deliver VR and augmented reality across both 5G and Wi-Fi networks. The latest version of vGPU adds 120Hz vSync support at resolutions up to 4K and this gives CloudXR users an even smoother immersive experience on untethered devices.

At the same time, vGPU will also enable improved collaboration in computer-aided design while also providing real-time photorealistic renderings of models in the recently released Omniverse AEC Experience which combines the real-time collaboration platform Omniverse with RTX Server and Nvidia Quadro Virtual Workstation software for the data center.

By using vGPU, organizations can provide their employees with the advanced graphics and computing power they need to do their jobs from anywhere whether that be at home or in the office.

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