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Nokia 3310 can survive a jolt of one million volts

The Nokia 3310 already has a reputation for being one of the most durable phones ever built. But, did you know that it could survive a million volt shock? A YouTube video by Kreosan English, a channel showcasing experiments in electricity, shows just that.

It plays the Nokia 3310 against a '10-core' smartphone to see who can survive one million volts of electricity.

The smartphone dies out after just one round but Nokia 3310 survives repeated electrocutions. 

How does the Nokia 3310 do it?

The science is pretty simple. In the moment when electricity is being pumped through the phones, both their screens exhibit distortion.

The reason the 3310 survives is basically because it doesn't have as many sensors or even a touch screen display. The smartphone, on the hand, has a major dependence on both. So, when the sensor array gets burned out, the smartphone is, more or less, useless. 

The simpler, the better, applies perfectly in this situation. The Nokia feature phone's simplicity and scarcity were the primary reasons behind its survival. Then again, how often are you encounter a million volts in real life?