Nintendo Switch's new Joy-Cons are an explosion of fluorescent color

Hot on the heels of Nintendo’s neon yellow Joy-Cons, the company has just announced another neon pair of Nintendo Switch controllers, this time in fluorescent green and pink. 

The accessories are timed to coincide with the release of Splatoon 2, which will be launched on July 21. 

The Joy-Cons themselves don’t currently have a release date, but we’d be surprised if they didn’t make it out before the game hits the shop shelves. 

While the color scheme should please Splatoon fans, we can’t help but feel as though Nintendo is missing out on some great non-neon designs. 

Blasting from the past

It's not like Nintendo hasn't got previous here: the Nintendo 3DS saw the release of a number of vibrantly-themed consoles, and numerous modders have created their own color schemes for the Joy-Cons already - check out the SNES mod created by Reddit user stardotWillinghom.

Image credit: Reddit user stardotWillinghom

Image credit: Reddit user stardotWillinghom

Of course we’re still ridiculously early in the Switch’s lifespan, and we’re currently at a point where most other consoles wouldn’t dream of offering alternative colors. 

At the very least Nintendo’s willingness to embrace this smorgasbord of accessories suggests that the company still has a few more releases to unveil in the future if you're not a fan of the current offering. 

Jon Porter

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