New Trainline update now gives you more control when a train is delayed

Trainline iOS app update showing delayed notifications
(Image credit: Trainline)

With restrictions being lifted across the UK, transportation apps are beginning to be used again, and Trainline are keenly aware of this. In a new update, the app can now show you notifications if a train has been delayed from its arrival time on single-leg journeys.

With an oncoming heatwave due across the country, plenty are booking staycations in cottages and parks, escaping their WFH offices for a few short days. But many are keen to avoid the oncoming traffic on highways, which is why many train companies are expecting busy footfall for the next month.

This is where Trainline hopes to reduce the anxiety in making sure you have ample time to make the train, regardless of whether it’s on time or delayed thanks to this new feature.

The next arrival will be delayed, with notice 

Trainline is one of the most popular travel apps currently available on the Google Play Store and the App Store, usually ranking in the top five of free download charts. Before Trainline, it would be a challenge in making sure the right train was booked with the right service, and at the right time.

With its modern user interface and intuitive features in making sure you can keep track of any upcoming trains for the day, it’s not surprising that it usually ranks at number one in the app charts. With the new delayed feature, it looks to improve how you can manage your time in making sure the right train can be boarded.

Trainline app on iOS showing delayed notification on lock screen

(Image credit: Trainline)

“Introducing personalised in-app delay notifications means customers travelling for leisure or work can feel more in control of their journey.” explains Milena Nikolic, Trainline’s Chief Technology Officer. “By making the experience of travelling by train easier – especially as people return to commuting following COVID restrictions easing- we’re encouraging more people to choose rail over other less sustainable modes of transport.”

Summertime will be key for travel apps

Many are feeling the strain in mental health now that restrictions are lifting and staycations are becoming more and more available for competitive prices. Combine this with updated phones rumored to appear soon, there’s plenty of opportunity here, with many wanting to simply escape and go somewhere they’ve never been before.

From the rumored iPhone 13 to the confirmed Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, users are going to want a better camera for their travels, but with apps that can help keep them in control of how they can get to their destination as well.

Trainline is a template to other travel apps in the category, where it can be a guide but not a hindrance. The new delayed notifications are only going to help many who have travel plans for the coming weeks.

However, one aspect that the app is missing for now, on iOS especially, is widgets. With iPadOS 15 now able to place these anywhere on the home screen and in larger layouts, Trainline widgets showing different departures and bookings for the coming weeks seem like a feature that’s crying out to be added soon. With delayed notifications now rolling out, perhaps widgets can be next on the agenda to help users out even more when needing information at a glance.

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