This is Google's plan to make routers 'cool'

Google OnHub Shells

Fruit bowl, slinky or fur? Google really wants to transform home routers into a conversation piece.

Home networking has never been 'sexy' or design oriented, between the wiring and the blinking lights of routers, they're usually hidden, even as wireless connectivity becomes essential to daily life.

Google has been trying to change that with it's OnHub routers from TP-Link and Asus, designed to look decent enough to sit out in the middle of a room without being an eye sore or a wired mess.

And now, Google is taking router design to a whole new level with the launch of OnHub Shells and the OnHub Makers.

Shells and Makers?

Google has launched OnHub Shells, which are basically interchangeable covers for your OnHub router.

The OnHub Shells for the TP-Link router are probably the most tame in design, and comes in gold, black and silver, and bamboo.

Meanwhile, OnHub Makers is essentially a marketplace for artists who have created some very interesting OnHub Shells, ranging from Shells that double as lamps or fruit bowls, Shells covered in art, wool or fur, and even a slinky router.

These designer Shells are sold through individual websites, though you can access them via Google's Play Store.

You can also make your own Shell designs, as Google has made the pattern and design guidelines available online as well.