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Sky makes 'unlimited' package unlimited

Sky - pleased
Sky - pleased

Sky appears to have altered the fair use policy of its broadband package to make the Max service actually 'unlimited', as the company celebrates an impressive showing in Broadband Choices survey.

The Register has unearthed a post on that points out the change, which brings the company into line with competitor Virgin Media.

Virgin operates traffic management at peak times for the top percentage of downloaders, but do not have a cap on usage, something that Sky has apparently moved towards, with suggestions that the changes were made quietly back in August.


The lack of fanfare over this change is perhaps understandable given that many consumers would be unaware that unlimited often actually means 'a fairly high limit hidden in our fair usage policy'.

Regardless, it's likely to be seen by many as a major change for the better, although those that subscribe to Broadband Connect rather than Max will apparently not be affected.

The max package refers to the local loop unbundled (LLU) ADSL2+ £10 a month product.

Sky may have stayed quiet on this matter, but it is has been openly delighted at the results of Broadband Choice's survey, which put the broadcasting giant's broadband service top of six categories – best overall provider, download time satisfaction, value for money, clarity of billing, speed of service alteration and that old chestnut after sales support.