Crucial Cloud Hosting launches Blaze service


Web hosting and cloud provider Crucial Cloud Hosting has launched a new service named Blaze for storage-intensive applications.

It combines OnApp's cloud software platform and Solidfire's solid state drive storage system, and is targeted at companies using dedicated servers to ensure disk performance for their hosted applications.

Crucial says this enables firms to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of cloud hosting while guaranteeing storage performance.

It is also targeting companies such as online retailers and digital agencies, which can scale their cloud service on demand to respond to promotions, or as their business needs change.

The Australian based company says that Blaze enables customers to specify input/output operations per second for each application.

Crucial's Managing Director Aaron Weller says: "The combination of SolidFire's all-SSD storage systems and the OnApp Cloud management platform allows us to provision storage with guaranteed performance levels, all backed by our proven commitment to the highest levels of security, service and technical expertise."

Traditionally, the best way to guarantee storage performance for a hosted application has been to run it on a dedicated server.