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Nest Temperature Sensor is now on sale to make your home as comfortable as can be

Nest Temperature Sensor

Starting today you can purchase the latest Nest product that aims to make your home a comfortable place to be.

The Nest Temperature Sensor is now on sale for $39 (about £25 / AU$50) for a single sensor, or $99 (about £70 / AU$125) for a three-pack. 

These little pucks take readings of whichever room they're in, sending the information back to your 3rd Generation Nest Learning Thermostat or Nest Thermostat E (placed up to 50 feet away), so that particular space can be kept at a specific temperature. 

So, if you want baby's room to be a cozy temp, you can set the Temperature Sensor to make sure the room never gets too hot or cold. 

It's a nifty little device that should ensure that rooms in your home are exactly the temperature you want them to be. You can even set the time of day, so if you want your bedroom to get toasty before you turn in for the night, you can. 

The Nest Temperature Sensor is mountable on a wall or placed on a shelf, and promises a battery life up to two years.