Nanoleaf gives smart lighting a classy, wood-like finish with new Elements range

Nanoleaf Elements smart lights in home
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Smart light panels such as the Nanoleaf Shapes are designed to give a pop of color and personality to any room, but the trouble is, once these light panels are switched off, they’re a rather sterile-looking white.

Nanoleaf has sought to change that with its new Elements range (opens in new tab), which are designed to look just as good on your wall when turned off as they do when switched on. Instead of white, the panels have a wood-grain veneer finish, giving them a more natural look.

Unlike the bright colors of Nanoleaf’s other panels, the Elements lights only shift between a range of cool to warm whites, again aiming for a natural feel. 

They come with 11 preset lighting effects, which imitate a crackling fireplace or a calming waterfall, or you can create your own using the app. Nanoleaf says each corner of the panel is able to light up independently, helping the lighting effects feel organic.

Similar to the rest of Nanoleaf’s range (opens in new tab), the hexagon-shaped Elements are touch sensitive, and they can also react to the rhythm of music. You’re able to set schedules for the lights, which Nanoleaf says can gently wake you up in the morning and help you wind down at night.

Nanoleaf Elements smart lights switched off

(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

Where to buy and how to use

While the new Nanoleaf Elements are technically compatible with the existing Shapes range – as they use the same connectors that link each panel – they aren’t intended to be mixed and matched, according to Nanoleaf, as it would clash with the aesthetic.

And we agree – while we can see some potential for interesting designs for those who already have Nanoleaf’s light panels in their home, it does feel like the more classy-looking Elements could clash with the vibrant Shapes range.

Prices for the Nanoleaf Elements starter kit (opens in new tab) are $299.99 / £199.99 / AU$429.99, and can now be bought from Nanoleaf’s online store in the US and Australia, while they’re currently available for pre-order in the UK.

The starter kit ships with seven hexagon panels, while a three-panel expansion pack (opens in new tab) is also available for $99.99 / £69.99 / AU$149.99.

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