More Tiger King is coming to Netflix, says report – but it's not about Joe Exotic

Tiger King
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The filmmakers behind Tiger King are reportedly working on a follow-up episode to the massively popular Netflix series, but this one won't be about Joe Exotic. Instead, it'll focus on entertainers Siegfried and Roy, specifically a 2003 mauling of the latter by a tiger during a performance in Las Vegas. 

Uwe 'Roy' Horn died on May 8, 2020. 

News of the follow-up comes from THR, which was contacted by Dr James Liu, a wildlife vet and field biologist who apparently worked on Tiger King's production team at Goode Films. The follow-up is intended as a 'higher-minded corrective' to the original series, which focused much more on the big characters in Joe Exotic's world than the animals themselves. 

Liu was looking to contact animal handler Chris Lawrence, who was there on the day of the 2003 attack, and contradicted Siegfried and Roy's version of events in a 2019 interview. That said, a spokesperson for production company Goode Films then told THR that it was "untrue that the direction is going in a more conservational route". 

While the final episode of Tiger King did explore the treatment of animals a little in its final episode, it's fair to say this wasn't the focus of the show.

Tiger King got a pretty shoddy follow-up episode, hosted by Joel McHale, that fell far below the overall quality of the preceding episodes. The original filmmakers apparently had nothing to do with that, and to be honest, it showed. 

Should Tiger King get a sequel?

It makes sense Tiger King would get a follow-up of some kind given its enormous popularity, but it's bizarre that it would be about an entirely different subject. It feels like there'd be a certain amount of potential in following up with the people depicted in the original show, although given that the filmmakers spent years orbiting the world of Joe Exotic, it would be hard to give a follow-up season the same attention.

The 2003 attack on Roy Horn was international news, and the subject does fit Tiger King's remit of being a little tabloid-y. 

Various dramatizations of Tiger King are reportedly in the works, with one featuring Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic, written by the creator of Netflix's American Vandal.

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