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Nokia Siemens shows off 10.1Mbps phone network

Nokia Siemens BTS
Could this box turbo-charge your mobile?

Nokia Siemens Networks and Mobilkom Austria have demonstrated I-HSPA (Internet High Speed Packet Access) test results with 10.1Mbps speeds during a mobile data call.

As mobile usage is tipped to progress to on-the-spot downloading of content, for instance Nokia’s Comes With Music service, users will increasingly demand faster linking speeds.

Current HSDPA technology allows download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps in theory, but this is limited to a small number of handsets, and Nokia Siemens technology could bring ubiquitous higher speeds to all.

Evolution to revolution

Nokia Siemens Networks’ I-HSPA network introduces a flat architecture to 3G networks, by connecting the base station directly to the internet.

The technology, which is designed to make the whole business of network deployment and use more cost-efficient, is also a good transitional step towards Long Term Evolution (LTE) networking, the next step in mobile data transfer with speeds of up to 178Mbps mooted.

Nokia Siemens has long been an advocate of this technology, in the face of competition from another 4G system, WiMAX, so to begin a transitional step between devices could help swing the balance in LTE’s favour.

No word on when I-HSPA will be available in the UK as yet and which networks will be deploying it, but we’ll keep you posted.