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Nokia makes a phone out of CARBON FIBRE

The Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte
The Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

We at TechRadar have always struggled to understand why Nokia makes a phone that has gems encrusted into the enter button.

But yet people buy it. And Nokia thinks "Hey, let's relaunch it made of the same stuff those fast cars are made of. Then people will think it's super-cool again!"

So, ladies and gentlemen, here is the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte. It carries a carbon fibre chassis, but with bits of titanium and stainless steel lobbed in there too.

Four times the memory

However, if you are happy to pay top whack for a mobile, the new version has at least upped the internal memory to 4GB from the rather mundane 1GB of its predecessor.

Guess what? It costs £800. Yes, that's right, eight HUNDRED pounds.

And it's got a rubbish camera, too. How many pixels? 3.2MP? We'd be looking for a 12MP Nikon zoom lens for that money. And a butler to carry it.

Still, if you're mega-rich and like shiny things to show your chums down the polo club, you can get this later in September.