The ultimate self-powered gadget kit bag

Live Luggage's new Hybrid PA bag is perfect for frequent business flyers and lazy holiday-makers alike
Live Luggage's new Hybrid PA bag is perfect for frequent business flyers and lazy holiday-makers alike

If you are a frequent flyer and a carrier of numerous (heavy, expensive, breakable) laptops, gadgets and kit then Live Luggage's new self-powered hybrid PA bag could well be the solution you never knew you were always looking for.

Live Luggage's new kit bag features a three bag zip-system, with the company suggesting that it is the "perfect solution to get around the varied airline weight restrictions for checking in your luggage."

Should you so wish, you can remove the overnight bag and laptop bag from the main luggage and carry them zipped together as a single piece of hand luggage. Natch!

Self-powered wheels

At full capacity Live Luggage's Hybrid (capable of carrying around 95 litres of 'stuff') weighed in at 23Kg – inclusive of the self-powering wheels which weigh 1Kg each.

Most importably, the Hybrid still has those nifty motorised wheels and the anti-gravity handle of its bigger, harder brother, the ultra-secure PA series.

Live Luggage's latest robo-bag feels light and effortless to pull, "whether going up a hill or up a step – a truly high-tech solution to the familiar problem of moving a heavy suitcase."

The extendable "anti-gravity" handle means that around 85 per cent of the weight of the luggage is balanced over the suitcase wheels, while the rechargeable 12V NiMH-powered "pancake motors" built into each wheel deliver exactly the right amount of power to compensate the wheels in any situation.

So no more struggling with heavy bags up endless stairs the next time you take the red eye out of Heathrow. Pretty much the perfect solution for frequent business flyers and/or lazy holiday-makers alike!

The Live Luggage Hybrid PA Bag will be available from June in the UK, priced £295 inclusive of VAT. So if you fancy bagging (sic) the ultimate kit carrier for your summer hols, TechRadar advises you to pre-order quick sharpish!

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Adam Hartley