tech. magazine reveals the apps breaking into Apple's walled garden

tech. issue 9 - out now
tech. issue 9 - out now

With news that Amazon has released an Apple-friendly version of its MP3 service in the US, this week's issue of tech. magazine looks at other apps and services that are giving Apple a run for its own money.

From Spotify to Facebook Messenger, Apple is slowly but surely letting others into its eco-system that can essentially replace its own apps. But does more choice actually make for a better experience? tech. explains all.

Also in the issue, the crazy world of Kim Dotcom is investigated, alongside the entrepreneur's new service Mega, all the latest news on why Sony may be delaying the PS4 and expert opinion focusing on Mozilla's new phone offering, Firefox OS.

Reviews, videos and celebrations

tech. also joins Intel in celebrating the birthday of Professor Stephen Hawking and asks the question: do we really need Siri in our lives?

As always, the issue is packed with the week's best videos and this issue there are in-depth, interactive reviews of the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 and the Nikon 1 V2 and a preview of Microsoft Surface Pro.

Speaking about the latest issue, editor of tech. Marc Chacksfield said: "Ever since the FFC told Apple that is must open up its devices to rival apps, Apple has had to stand back and watch others create services for iOS that can replace the company's own offerings.

"Now that one of its biggest rivals, Amazon, is taking advantage and showing that all you need is help from HTML5 to stop Apple taking a chunk of money from sales, it's interesting to see how others will open up iOS to the masses.

"Oh, and let us know if you get the high score with our playable 'iOS Invaders' cover!"

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