Tablets topple computers on Boxing Day in iPlayer views

Tablets topple computers on Boxing Day in iPlayer views
iPlayer - tablet favourite

Here's some evidence to back up Steve Jobs' claim that we are living in a post PC world: BBC iPlayer views on tablet overtook computers for the first time on Boxing Day 2013.

Since its launch, the PC has been the dominant device used to watch iPlayer, although mobile and tablet traffic has climbed steadily.

And, with all of those Christmas-gifted tablets being fired up, it was December 26 that finally saw tablets alone move past laptops and desktop PCs.

iPlayer views over Xmas

iPlayer views over Xmas

No Slate, Sherlock

Computers did reassert themselves at the top of the tree by New Year's Day - which perhaps suggests that Sherlock viewers are more inclined to fire up the laptop than a tablet.

As you might expect, the BBC saw record iPlayer views over the Christmas period. Inevitably, the chart was topped by this year's Dr Who's Christmas special, followed by Eastenders and Mrs Brown's Boys.

The count of 11 million views in a single day do not even include those from two of UK television's biggest platforms (Sky and Virgin Media), and go towards a whopping 102 million requests for TV and radio over the festive period.

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